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More Storage Goodies

Web Exclusive | A quick summary of the latest announcements

April 2011

A Brave New World of Information Archiving

Storage | IBM unveils new information-retention strategy and solution-portfolio offerings

December 2009

The Data Squeeze

Focus On Storage | ProtecTier deduplication offers 25-to-1 reduction and online backup

October 2009

Reinventing Storage

Focus On Storage | The IBM XIV Storage System is cost effective and easy to use

August 2009

SAMBA and AIX 6.1

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January 2009

Storage: The Nextra Generation

Focus On Storage | IBM recently acquired XIV Ltd., with its Nextra, an architecture IBM believes is well-suited to the unique demands of today’s adapting data centers and the Web 2.0 world.

April 2008

Upgrade TPC to V3.3

Focus On Storage | TPC, an enterprise-class storage-area network (SAN) management application, has been the go-to workhorse IBM provided to customers in the open-systems space.

August 2007

A Real-World Example of Boot from SAN

Focus On Storage | Lockheed Martin tests IBM technology for availability.

December 2006

So Much Data, So Little Space

Focus On Storage | IBM SAN Volume Controller reduces complexity and cost through virtualization

April 2006

AIX EXTRA: Booting from the SAN

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March 2004



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