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Storwize V7000 Offers High-Performance Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization allows an IT infrastructure to appropriately map huge chunks of data stored in various media as a single pool of storage to the client file system. With the advent of new and powerful technologies, the enterprise market is getting more and more competitive. Hence, it’s important to continue providing innovative solutions in light of today’s complex and ever-changing business demands. IBM Storwize V7000 is among the most powerful and easy-to-use innovative disk systems, offering improved efficiency and flexibility through built-in SSD optimization, thin provisioning and storage virtualization technologies.

Storage Controllers

Storwize V7000 is a midrange storage controller, based on the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC). SVC provides storage network-based virtualization by creating a pool of managed disks from diverse, attached storage subsystems, which are then mapped to a set of virtual disks for use by attached host computer systems. This allows systems administrators to view and access a common pool of storage on the SAN, which, in turn, enables them to use storage resources more efficiently and provide a common base for advanced functionality. On a similar note, System z hosts must properly configure their Linux OSs, including appropriate installation of multi-pathing software, to avail the benefits of SVC to the fullest. SVC performs several functions for the SAN storage it controls, such as:

  • Creating a single pool of storage
  • Managing logical volumes
  • Mirroring logical volumes
  • Providing advanced storage functions for the SAN, including large scalable cache, data migration, copy services and space management

Ankur Agrrawal is a software developer in IBM STG India, who focuses on storage virtualization, cloud computing, computer architecture and OSs.

Subhojit Roy is a member of IBM SVC team. He has more than 19 years of experience in the core storage domain that includes storage virtualization and SAN technologies.

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