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At the end of last year, our sales and editorial departments met to discuss topics for prospective special supplements in 2012. Numerous themes were debated; the less popular ideas were jettisoned to the dustheap and more favorable subjects rose to the top.

The idea of producing a special supplement focusing on women working in the technology sector proved to be the favorite. Our sales and editorial teams are, on the whole, a seasoned bunch. These two groups have worked with customers, IBMers and business partners for well over a decade. This team has attended hundreds of industry conferences and events. They’re acutely aware that the technology industry is numerically dominated by men. But they also know many successful women who work in the high-tech field and are passionate about their profession. We thought it was high time to give these women their due.

To that end, we created the Women in Technology special supplement to celebrate a small subset of the many women we regularly work with in this fast-moving industry. I believe it effectively achieves that objective.

However, as I sat down and read through the various articles, I quickly realized this supplement does more than celebrate women in technology. Granted, these articles focus on women, but once you move past the superficiality of gender, this special supplement ultimately becomes a blueprint for professional success. You could easily take the experience and advice these women articulate and transfer it to any industry.

For example, when Roxanne Reynolds-Lair from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) was asked, “What message would you send to young girls considering IT careers?” she said:

“I would tell them to believe in themselves, to not be intimidated or overpowered by other people’s opinions. Seek out and identify people you respect. Endeavor to emulate the traits you admire.”

It was exciting for us to plan and create this Women in Technology special supplement, however, the finished product is even more gratifying. Am I subjective? Guilty as charged. But I have a hunch you’ll find the personal accounts in this supplement transcend gender. Collectively, they provide a roadmap for success and an example of substantive leadership in what has become a global and ever-changing business environment. Enjoy.

Doug Rock, Publisher
IBM Systems Magazine

Jeanette Horan

IBM’s CIO, Jeanette Horan, is leading IBM’s IT transformation and keeping the company on a steady course of improvement.

Roxanne Reynolds-Lair

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising CIO, Roxanne Reynolds-Lair, shares her experiences in IT and explains what makes her tick.

Zarina Stanford

Zarina Stanford, IBM’s vice president of marketing, Power Systems, finds a perfect medium where business and technology blend seamlessly.

Kristine Harper

Kristine Harper, a software developer for Rocket Software, is passionate about the mainframe and is excited to be a part of the mainframe community working with SHARE and zNextGen.

Susan Gantner

Susan Gantner, co-founder of System i Developer and Partner400, works magic as a programmer and an educator in IT.

Kirsten Craft

Kristen Craft, EVP, Software and Consulting with Software Information Systems, enjoys taking on the challenges that come with an IT position.


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