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A Bankable Solution

AIX Cryptographic Services improves security while simplifying administration

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Due to the mass adoption of Internet technology by governments, banks, universities, hospitals and businesses worldwide, the need for privacy and security of information transmitted across these networks has never been greater. These institutions are increasingly reliant on strong cryptographic solutions to provide privacy and security. As technology infrastructures grow and diversify, the need for simplification and management of these cryptographic systems becomes critical.

IBM AIX* Cryptographic Services, introduced in AIX 6.1, technology level 4, provides a lower cost to adopting cryptography, as well as a simplified approach to managing cryptographic systems running on the AIX OS. This is achieved through a suite of cryptographic technology, which allows for centralized and secure management of encryption keys, digital certificates and secure data for the OS.

Applications can instantly take advantage of these services by using the industry-standard Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) 11 API. The AIX OS is aware of applications accessing PKCS 11 and will automatically provide the advantages of any high-performance, high-security cryptographic hardware modules present. This dynamic approach allows for even greater power and flexibility in tailoring software-security solutions.

In addition to providing PKCS 11, IBM AIX Cryptographic Services provides transparent access to high security (Federal Information Processing Standards 140, or FIPS 140) and hardware assistance afforded by cryptographic modules. Utilities for managing keys, certificates and sensitive data, as well as hardware assistance and framework tuneables, are provided via the IBM Systems Director console, IBM hardware management console (HMC) and the AIX OS.


Chris Lita currently serves as lead cryptography engineer for the AIX Security Team. He is an expert software engineer, who has worked in a diverse set of technology areas within IBM.

Jason Jaramillo is a security software engineer for IBM AIX, specializing in Kerberos, OpenSSL, and Public Key Cryptography Standards 11.

Lucas McLane, CISSP, is an information assurance/software engineer for IBM AIX.

Ravi Shankar is an architect for AIX and PowerHA. He joined IBM 14 years ago and has specialized in wide set of technologies from reliability, availability and serviceability, to AIX security to business resiliency. With more than 19 years of experience in IT, he’s an expert in real-time systems, OS internals and overall system architecture.



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A Bankable Solution

AIX Cryptographic Services improves security while simplifying administration

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