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Software License Core Counting

Use the lparstat command to obtain an accurate understanding of LPAR processing resources

Obtain an accurate understanding of LPAR access to processing resources

For AIX-based Power Systems servers, many software vendors base their licensing on processor core counts. With the many configuration options available under PowerVM, it’s become a challenge to track the number of processor cores that a particular LPAR can access.

This article will show you how the AIX lparstat command can determine the number of cores each LPAR can access. The number of LPARs running a particular software package and the shared processor pool configuration also come into play when determining how many total cores to license. The information in this article can help track software licensing and assist with software vendor audit requests.

Running lparstat

For AIX 5.3 and higher, run the lparstat command with the –i flag to display the LPAR configuration details:

# lparstat -i

A variety of parameters will be returned when this command is run. For this article, the focus will be on the parameters that pertain to processor-core allocations and limits. For a detailed listing of all lparstat –i output, the resource section provides URLs to the AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.1 lparstat command documentation.

LPAR Processor-Configuration Options

The processor configuration for each LPAR is set when the partition profile is created at the Hardware Management Console (HMC). There are three available options:

  • Dedicated
  • Shared-capped
  • Shared-uncapped

To determine how the processors are configured for an LPAR, you’ll first need to determine if the LPAR is operating in dedicated or shared processor mode. The TYPE parameter from the output of lparstat –i will return either DEDICATED or SHARED. If the LPAR is shared, the MODE parameter show either CAPPED or UNCAPPED status. The dedicated LPARs will also show CAPPED for the MODE.

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